MYOB Advanced Customer Relationship Management Suite

Web-based customer relationship management (CRM).

MYOB Advanced Customer Relationship Management Suite

Web-based customer relationship management (CRM).

MYOB Advanced Customer Relationship Management Suite

MYOB Customer Relationship Management Suite provides a web-based customer relationship management (CRM) application for managing leads, contacts, opportunities, and business accounts.

Integrated financials and content management foster a team approach and deliver a single consolidated view of all customer contacts. Dashboards and reports provide real-time sales data to accurately manage forecasts, quotas, and results.

The Customer Relationship Management Suite provides a solution to efficiently work and communicate with customers through the MYOB Advanced Customer Portal. Helpful tools enable customers to see all the relevant information about their interaction and perform relevant activities online.

MYOB Advanced Customer Relationship Management Suite Modules

MYOB Advanced provides sales tools which improve information flow, reduce sales cycles, increase close rates, and improve sales efficiency. Sales teams are provided with a complete view of opportunities, and contacts so they are aware of all activities which influence the sales decision. Lead assignment and workflow help manage sales processes to improve efficiency.

MYOB Advanced provides marketing tools to manage leads, improve conversions, measure campaign performance, communicate with contacts, and improve productivity. Marketing teams can capture leads from web forms, purchased lists, advertisements, direct mail, events, and other sources. Captured leads can receive branded email offers. Lead reports help you track the best channels for obtaining qualified leads.

MYOB Advanced provides service management tools to reduce response times, improve customer satisfaction, reduce support costs, and accurately bill transactions. Support personnel can capture inquiries from web forms or enter them manually to create a case. Once created, cases are assigned and escalated according to policies that you set. Integration with financial modules ensures that cases are billed according to client support contracts.

View Case Activity by Conversations lets users quickly refer to and answer any activity related to each case. Save time when reviewing notes for a particular thread. Save threads for all conversations.

“Take Case Shortcut” keeps customers happy by helping close more cases in a single day. A support person can now self-assign a case instantaneously with a single button, speeding up time to resolve issues and answer questions.

Customer Portal Features

Help Customers Help Themselves
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your customers can access account information, create new support cases, and retrieve the latest case updates—all without picking up the phone or sending an email.

Financial Overview
Give customers the ability to see all historical documents, balances, due dates, payments received and amount due within the Customer Portal. Customers can also update address, contact and user access details.

Knowledge Base
Allow customers to search for answers to their questions 24/7. This also helps knowledge transfer, allowing more customer self-service and generating fewer support calls.

Document Sharing
Provides a secure location to share documents with customers, such as marketing material, educational material, company policies and FAQs, without needing to build a separate web page.

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